Junior 3D Modeller Technical Exercise.

For the purpose of this task, I produced 3 models to demonstrate my 3D design skills, thought process and get a feel of the workflow used when designed house hold products. 

In order to produce the products, 2D diagrams was used as a reference to get all the measurements. This is to ensure that the models matches the original products as close as possible. Once the measurements were made, I then designed the products using 3ds Max ’s tools such as Edit Poly and Edge loop.

After designing the models, I then selected my textures and laid out all my uv textures using the Unwrap UV tool in 3ds Max and Photoshop. The end result is shown below in figure 1 – 4.

Central_basin_monobloc_Top  Central_basin_monobloc_Bottom

Figure 1&2: Central_basin_Mononloc_tap Uv Texture Maps


Figure 3&4: Central_60_Unit_American_Walnut Uv Texture Maps

Once the models are textured, they are ready to be rendered and viewed. The end result is showed below in Figure 5 – 7.

Figure 5: Central_60_Unit_American_Walnut

Figure 6: Central_basin_Mononloc_tap

Figure 7: Bolonia_Countertop

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